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Mayday Game Development


Eradication Development - Cancelled

I am sad to say, if it wasn’t obvious already, the development of Eradication has been cancelled. I recently have started work on a different FPS project though. I have started working on learning how to implement multiplayer co-op in unity. The ultimate goal is to have a silly co-op game that is completely enjoyable with friends. IE. Borderlands 2. I will keep everyone updated in the coming days, but game development is still a side hobby for me so it might not be as often as it can be. Until then, have a good day!

Eradication Development Progress 3/28/2013


Today I made zero progress. I devoted myself to try and improve the recoil of the weapons, and I have a few findings to announce.

1) For the moment the recoil will stay as a static animation

2) Quaternions will be the death of me.

The closest I got to the desired effect I wanted ended up cancelling out the ADS of the weapons. When it didn’t cancel out the ADS, the weapon float off into the distance when you shot while coming out of ADS. Might I say today was a frustrating day on the coding side, but maybe tomorrow I can find some resources to help me with dynamic recoil. I also want to make sure the walk animation still plays while ADS.

Good luck to you lads on getting some sleep tonight, I sure will, as long as I don’t have nightmares of quaternions and eulers. Until a later time, Have a good day!

I'm amazed at the progress you're making man! Do you have any guess on when it'll be playable for others?

I’m not sure, There’s still a lot of placeholder assets, so I will want to get those out of the game before I move onto having it public.

Eradication Development Progress 3/27/2013


Today instead of talking about what i’ve implemented, I will show you!

I got the skeleton from the asset store but I fit it into the game myself. I also added the G36C as a weapon. I didn’t create it but it’s royalty free so I’m going to end up keeping it in the game. I’m learning weapon modelling so I can work on sci-fi / oldschool weapons.

Eradication Development Progress 3/22/2013


We have been working hard on getting our first level done for Eradication. We don’t have much to show at this moment, but don’t fret, new content will be coming soon!

Until then, have a good day!

Eradication Development Progress 3/14/2013

Hello everyone!

Today we have been working on the first level of the game and replacing some placeholder assets. I worked on making new audio for the spiders, I’ll probably end up re-doing it multiple times until I am one hundred percent satisfied with the result.

Also I have been working on scripted events, example below:

It’s simple but the final will have some scripted parts and some open combat wave parts. I might actually write a story. I’m not sure. I’ve also added minor changes like making a script for the flashing lights (pictured above) and changing the color of guns. They are guns I found online, so I still need to make my own. The red and blue textures above are just the prototyped map, so don’t freak out, they are temporary. Also pictured above is my improved walk animation. Soon i’m going to keep making assets and sounds to flesh out the level. Until next update, have a good day! - Tim Belt

Eradication Development Progress 3/11/2013

Hello everyone!

We have a few surprises for you! First of all, I got my graphics card fixed and returned. I have been working fast on adding small graphical items and have started work on the first true level of eradication. We have been working hard on making assets and new content for the level to flesh it out. I have the level prototyped, it can be played here (webplayer):


The path finding for AI is becoming extremely complex, and I may need to ask someone to help me with the coding. The demo above has one sole enemy but it cannot walk around obstacles.

I added things like an improved walking animation, improved draw animation, improved fire/ADS animation. I improved the idle animation and made sure that the weapon sway and jump issue was fixed.

Here is the playable wave room alpha version (webplayer):


Have fun playing the pre-alpha! If you want to help out, there is a donate button on the side of the page. Until the next update, Have a good day! - Tim.

Mar 2

Eradication Development Progress 3/2/2013


Today we have been making really good progress. I finally got the sword to work with the weaponmanager. Here is a small .gif of that.


We started work on our first actual level, using probuilder2 (free edition) but we did run into a problem with the AI not having pathfinding abilities. This will be worked out with time, also the knockback effect displayed in the .gif above needs to be fixed.

The weapon sway that I had added and loved so much has lost it’s functionality for the moment, but that will be added back with time. Most of the things we have been working on we are not ready to show, so until then.

Have a nice day! - MaydayStudios.Tim

Eradication Development Progress 2/25/2013


I have progressed very fast in the past few days and have gotten alot of very useful functionality added. Here is the list of changes from pre-alpha 1.01 to pre-alpha 1.02:

Added weapon sway

Added weapon rotation

Added Onscreen objective indicator

Added pause menu

Added music/audio functionality

Added flickering lights (no shadows until unity pro)

(temp) Fixed damage screen,

Fixed collision problems with spider legs getting stuck in vehicle wheels

Fixed collision problems with weapon world models

Improved ground textures

Improved weapon animations

Improved weapon textures

Improved scope textures

Improved “hit” audio

— Need to work on —

Pistol animation glitch when “drawing”

When you jump towards a wall, the player slows and it becomes hard to move

Level design

Multi-designer functionality (transfering packages, etc)

Continuous spawning

Scripted animation

     All will be completed soon and then I will release a playable pre-alpha webplayer build for anyone to try out! Until then, have a spectacular day!

Eradication Development Progress 2/21/2013

Hello everyone!

The past ten days have been very eventful. I have a very early pre-alpha of eradication working. I have spent the last week or so tweaking animations and changing textures and models from the placeholder assets that I am using. Once I have a full level created and endless spawning worked out I will release it to the public for your enjoyment! Keep in mind, I am the only developer, and this is a very early pre-alpha stage of eradication.

The unity community is a much bigger help than any Unreal community. Within the past week I have implemented weapon sway, mass amounts of variables on weapons and other objects, easy materials, and I am just now figuring out animations. The game plays smooth, and I have discovered exponential fog which gives a very dark feeling to the overall levels.

Keep in mind that unity free does not have anti aliasing (to my knowledge) or realtime lighting, so until I have the funds to buy unity pro, the game may not look and feel polished. I will try my best however to make do with what I can. Here is a screenshot of the fog effect to be placed on the first level. 

The first level will be an indoors level, so this level of fog will not hinder any gameplay experience, I can assure you of that. When the pre-alpha is released it will only have one mode, continuous spawning. You will be challenged to survive as long as you can with unlimited ammo.

But until then, have a nice day!